How strong are Corrugated pallets?


Our corrugated pallets can take static loads of more than 20,000 lbs. The challenge is to make a pallet that will resist dynamic loads while being lifted and stored in open racking system.

We see pallets as a structure, similar to a bridge, that needs to resist to various loads while supported only by a few pillars. This is why all our pallets are engineered for specific applications.

Do corrugated pallets resist to water?


All our pallets are made with WRA (water resistant adhesive) that increase the resistance too humidity and water.

Corrugated pallets perform very well to most warehousing conditions and temporary contact to water during transit.

However, these pallets are not suitable for outside warehousing or shipping.

How do we recycle corrugated pallets?


You simply put them in you corrugated paperboard compactor, bailer or container.

How much does a corrugated pallet weight?


Between 7 et 15 pounds, depending on the model and the different options chosen.