Phytosanitary Rules


Compliance with phytosanitary regulation is essential for exportation of goods. Since 2011, companies that export their products to the United States can no longer do it on used wooden pallets. The country expects that its importers comply with strict ISPM 15 phytosanitary laws.

Cardboard becomes a perfect choice because it is not subject to the problems of contaminated wood. Cardboard is a neutral material that was already transformed which prevents the insects of nesting in the flute. In result, the Corrupal products fully respect the U.S. and international phytosanitary standards.

The unique manufacturing of Corrupal cardboard products facilitates the administrative process and reduces time of quarantine in the context of current exports.

The benefits of buying from Corrupal


Our products are made from 70% recycled fibers and are rapidly biodegradable and recyclable. Our pallets, boxes, Protemp boxes, cardboard separators and arches are all made of a reusable and repulpable material for the environmental protection.

Corrupal understands the current context, where environmental responsibility of businesses is becoming increasingly important. Promoting a green image for your business and contributing to the protection of the environment can start with the use of cardboard pallets for transporting your goods.

With its range of ecological packaging and handling, Corrupal helps organizations go green!